New AMMNA Appointment a “scoop” for Men’s Netball

25 Jan

AMMNA is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Hutchinson as its Marketing Engagement Manager.

This immediate appointment by the AMMNA Executive is initially until the completion of the 2017 Australian Championships on the Gold Coast. A formal voting process will take place at the 2017 AMMNA AGM, bringing this position into line with other AMMNA appointments.

The Marketing Engagement Manager position falls under the Development & Strategy portfolio, led by AMMNA Director James McCallum.

There are three key focal points in the lead up to the Australian Championships:

  • New website platform & fresh content
  • Better integration of AMMNA’s social media platforms
  • Increased content and readership for these platforms

Of his appointment Michael said, “I’ve been involved in netball for 20 years as a player and coach and am incredibly passionate about the sport, from both a spectator and marketing perspective, so to have the opportunity to take on a role like this is a privilege.

For the past three years I’ve been a senior writer with Netball Scoop and over the past two years have driven significant growth across our social media platforms, and the aim is to implement those strategies with AMMNA and the state bodies.

Men’s and mixed netball in Australia is a sleeping giant in terms of its potential to grow. In order to increase interest it’s imperative that, in terms of marketing and exposure, there are some solid foundations in place with which to build upon and that starts with the focus of this year’s Australian Championships on the Gold Coast.”

AMMNA President, Grant Crocker was excited by the appointment, “Getting Michael on board is a wonderful addition to our admin team.  Michael clearly knows about our game.  To have someone on board who is passionate about both our game and promoting it will really help propel us forward”.

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